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Three Requirements for a Website

3 Requirements for a Website

Domain Name

A domain name is the internet web address that users type into a browsers URL bar.

Examples of domain names:

This is your website address.

You don’t want your domain name to be too short or too long, you want your domain name to explain what you or your website actually does if possible.

If we are targeting a South African audience then a South African domain name is best, if we were targeting an international audience then we would choose a .com or other types of domain names e.g .co, .net, .org etc.

Website Hosting

Web hosting is where all our files for our website will be stored. We need both a domain name as well as web hosting to build a website.

There are many hosting providers from super cheap to super expensive, just like with anything in life you get what you pay for. Going for super cheap is definitely not the way to go, your web hosting is so much more than just storing your files as it affects website speed which in turn affects user experience which in turn affects SEO.

Understanding the importance of web hosting is imperative in creating your website, it could literally make or break your website.

In addition to hosting your website, there are other options to consider when selecting a hosting provider. Some of these options include.

Disk space. In addition to space for your website files backup storage space is essential to the security of your site.

Email Services. You own email with your domain name extension is an essential to giving your emails that professional look.

Shared Server or Dedicated Server. Dedicated servers are more secure and provide a faster upload and download service for your website. They are however a lot more expensive than shared servers.

SSL Certificates. An SSL Certificate provides added security to your website.

Website Developer

While you could build your own website we have presumed that as you are here you are looking for someone to do it for you.

To better inform you we have put together some additional pages to explain more about website development.

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